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Which social class do you believe you belong to and do you think a middle class exists in Georgia?

Tuesday, October 25
"Well, it’s a bit of a difficult question, but I think I belong to the middle class, so I think that a middle class exists in Georgia.”
Teona, Teacher, 23

"I think that all social classes exist in Georgia, however a balance is not kept. A very small part of Georgian citizens are rich and they want everything for themselves and have a wish to create a monopoly. Quite a significant part belongs to the middle class, with normal income, meaning that they earn a living but have no money for entertainment or a good rest. The greatest part of our citizens have to live in bad economic conditions, they are poor. Well, I belong to the middle class, to my mind.”
Tamta, translator, 24

"I think that middle class exists and I belong to it. What can I say more concerning the issue?"
Tamuna, MA Student, 22

"Yes of course, in Georgia, there is a middle class, and I belong to that class.”
Madona, civil servant, 24

“Yes, I think that the middle class does exist and I belong to it.”
Lali, Journalist, 21

“I think there are either millionaires or extremely poor people in our country which makes us so miserable. Our average income is so low that it can hardly form a middle class, while those who have even small businesses continue increasing their property.”
Giorgi, MA Student, 37