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Have you ever had a problem with your age while finding a job? Do you think that elderly persons are employed less rather than younger ones?

Thursday, October 27
“Personally I have never had such problem. From university I have continued my career in the banking sector and I think I am in the right place, however if we look around even in the bank generally you will find younger people rather than middle aged or older, which gives me a reason to think that youngsters have more chance to be employed rather than the older generation.”
Tako, Bank employee, 24

“It is unfair when you are chosen for a certain job by your appearance, age and clothes. I have heard several times that we offer jobs but you should be under 30 or something like this. For successful business in every field I think more experience and knowledge is essential, that is why I am sure middle aged people would be more reliable and experienced.”
Maka, housewife, 41

“I have not noticed such a tendency in Georgia. Well, unemployment is a very big problem in our country but nevertheless I think people of all ages can be employed in various sectors and working places. It is up to the requirements of the employer. For example, if you need a personal assistant or secretary you are searching for young and good looking person and it is very understandable, however on more responsible positions I think elder people also have a chance to find their place.”
Giorgi, student, 18

“I have never had a job but a lot of people around me complain that if you are more than 30 years old, you face some problems to get a job.”
Lali, Journalist, 21

“It all depends on the job – I have been working at various NGOs for five years and never had any problems. Having started working from the age of 18 I have successfully dealt with my obligations and no one has ever complained of my young age. I can say the same thing about people who are professionals in their fields: teachers, doctors, artists – no one sacks them for their age, the situation is the same in the business sector: the older you are, the more people respect you. So as a whole I think that people with an insufficient educational background, lack of experience or other related problems may remain unemployed at any age.”
Elene, Project Manager, 23

“Hardly anyone older than 35 works in Georgia nowadays, because of age censorship. It is sad that the government doesn’t encourage such people – they have so many years till they reach the pension age.”
Tornike, Stage Director, 20

“I am 24 years old and I had a problem with finding a job, as all organizations demand experience and I did not have any experience when I graduated from university . I think that with the current government, middle aged and old people really had and have problems with jobs, and that is really unacceptable.”
Tamta, Teacher , 24