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Friday, October 28
Will Nino Zhvania come into politics?

The late Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania’s widow, Nino Zhvania, stated in a recent interview to the newspaper Kviris Palitra that certain political parties have offered her to join their party, but she has rejected such offers until now. “I have rejected all of those offers. For me the most important thing is to raise my three children to be even stronger and better than their father was,” Zhvania said.

Zhvania also commented on Ivanishvili’s appearance on the scene of Georgian politics, saying that he has appeared when nobody expected it. “It is hard to say what may happen with Ivanishvili’s appearance into politics. I am an optimistic person and trust people despite my tragic experience with what happened in my life. I want to believe that this person wants to do very good things for Georgia. It seems Mr. Ivanishvili has realized clearly that it will be hard to do all those things alone, and he wants other political forces which he can rely on. I think he made the right decision in choosing Republicans and other like-minded persons as his allies,” Nino Zhvania said.

High achieving secondary school students awarded in Shida Kartli

The Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Dimitri Shashkin, and Governor of Shida Kartli Giorgi Tatishvili awarded 80 senior students of Shida Kartli public schools with computers, 24 Hours reports. The computers were granted to students who finished and graduated with the highest grades in the 2010-2011 academic year.

These awards are meant to encourage students' academic success, and were made as part of the national program “My First Computer”, initiated by President Saakashvili. The program aims to motivate students and enhance teaching/learning methods based on information-communication technologies. The project will offer greater opportunities to high-achieving students.

As part of the "My First Computer" program, a total of 1108 the most successful students have been awarded computers throughout Georgia this year. The Ministry will continue to encourage high student achievements in the future as well.