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Do you think Georgia’s NATO membership is close to becoming a reality?

Friday, October 28
I think it is not for the near future, because Georgia has much to do to clarify elections and also to eradicate corruption in jurisprudence field.”
Nino, employee of an NGO, 23

“Well, I think that for this, territorial problems should be solved first, as if we participate in NATO based on the current reality and taking the current border situation into consideration, we will then have to buy to Abkhazia and South Ossetia.”
Levan , Student, 21

“I think that we are very far from NATO, as current Georgian reality and level of development do not coincide with NATO demands and standards.”
Teo, Teacher, 24

“I consider that we are still far from NATO , due to the following problems: the main one is Russia and those countries that are somehow dependent on it and which express loyalty to this country. Then comes our economic situation and political condition (which is bad), our territorial unity is broken, all of which also creates problems for Georgia’s integration to NATO.”
Sopho, Civil Servant, 24

“I doubt that this can ever come true, because of the absolutely different approach of Georgia and NATO towards various issues like democracy, international cooperation, peace and security which are the basis for the North Atlantic union but so far from Georgian scenario.”
Ilia, Writer, 27

“Anything is possible--we just have to keep following the path to democracy and try hard to overcome all the obstacles on this path. If the other countries have managed to succeed why can’t we do the same I just wonder?”
Eka, Painter, 34

“I don’t think we would enter NATO under such chaotic internal or external situation. NATO is a union based on cooperation and dignity thus we have lots of to do in our country before we make steps forward on the international level.”
Lali , Reporter, 21