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Monday, October 31
How close is Georgia’s NATO membership?

The NATO summit raised the issue of Georgia’s membership in Tbilisi last week. Government officials say Georgia has all the qualifications to join and NATO stated it is always ready to cooperate with Georgia, Rezonansi writes.

Director of the Museum of Literature, Lasha Bakradze, says that the perspective for Georgia to join is still far off, as this country has little experience. "Our authorities' statements about our being anywhere close to joining NATO or having the standards necessary for membership are far off the mark, and I think the same is true regarding Georgia's EU membership,” Bakradze said.

Film director Giorgi Shengelaia would welcome Georgia joining the alliance and says that the process is going well. “The major issue is whether NATO needs us. I see we are important for them because of our geopolitical location, but NATO will never accept a dictator in its alliance. Thus while we have this Government we have no chance."

European Democrats propose a Government legislative initiative to decrease unemployment

The Georgian opposition party, European Democrats, is proposing a legislative initiative to the Government of Georgia to decrease unemployment, 24 Hours reports. A spoksperson of the party, Lika Naghebashvili, held a briefing in the party’s office and responded to the President’s initiative on freeing entrepreneurs from paying income taxes on salaries when employing 45-60 year old employees.

Naghebashvili says that the European Democrats offer the Government a real plan to decrease unemployment—namely by decreasing all salaried persons' income taxes by 3%, from 20% to 17%. The European Democrats propose to totally free the entrepreneur from income taxes for 45-60 year old persons. They will raise the issue at a committee hearing of Parliament.