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In your opinion, how much did Ivanishvili’s appearance in the political field changed political reality in Georgia, if at all?

Monday, October 31
“I think Ivanishvili’s appearance to Georgian political arena has already brought changes. Governmental bodies have become more active from the competitive environment created in the country for the last month.”
Zakaria, Lawyer, 27

“If the elections will be fair in 2012, he will get many votes, I think.”
Lali, Journalist, 21

“Nothing at all. I don't think he is going to change anything. It's our problem that we always wait for a miracle. I hate this in Georgian people--I don't believe in fairy tales.”
Inna, Teacher, 23

“I don’t think Ivanishvili can change anything in Georgian reality because I’m afraid he has no lever but money. Politics is such a dangerous game that a person with no political experience can hardly overcome all the obstacles in his career and when a person is joining the political arena he or she must have a professional team around him that has to do the impossible.”
Tornike, Economist, 36

“I think that there are not serious changes now, however I am waiting for some serious ones. Changes are inevitable.”
Teo, Translator, 23

“Well, after Ivanishvili’s coming to politics, political reality has seriously changed and it is very obvious. To my mind the Government is seriously frightened and they are doing their best to create obstacles for Ivanishvili. They really have reasons to be frightened, as he is unlike current authorities, whose popularity is decreasing. Ivanishvili has a high rating among Georgian people.”
Tamta, Teacher, 24

“Changed at all"? is the question …time will show everything, I am just waiting for the next developments of the situation.”
Anna, Language specialist, 22

“Indeed, Ivanishvili’s appearance changed the political reality in Georgia. He has quite a high rating and significant trust from Georgian society, which make him a very serious opposition figure. At the same time, the authorities have no real reason to compromise him.”
Dato, architect, 34

“It is absolutely obvious that his arrival has made Georgia's political reality better, more interesting, competitive. I welcome this. First of all, such a situation is profitable for the Georgian people. Authorities weren't afraid of any powerful competition and did whatever they wanted. Now they will think more about new legislation and so on, and not to irritate Georgian citizens.”
Salome, Dancer, 30