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Thursday, November 3
Russian-educated staff dismissed "en masse" from Defense Ministry

Rezonansi writes that the Defense Ministry of Georgia has dismissed a number of Georgian employees who are Russian-educated. For the last two months this process has continued, and already 150 people have been dismissed from within all sectors of the Ministry. Military experts say that those who are dismissed do not wish to speak up because they have reason to be afraid.

The Public Relations office of the Ministry, headed by Salome Makharadze, said that those who have been dismissed from their job have been given reasons for their termination, contained in their documents of dismissal. She rejected the information that they are dismissed because of their Russian education. "You can give me the concrete names of the people and I will tell you the reason for their dismissal. If the person is dismissed from the ministry there is a reason. However I do not confirm the information that 100 people were dismissed in a day, Makharadze said.

Military analyst Giorgi Tavdigiridze also said he received the same information on the massive dismissal of people from this ministry. "The problem is that older staff is being replaced by younger staff that are very unprofessional and who receive high ranks at the age of 25-26, and are inexperienced."