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How should the dispute between Armenian and Georgian patriarchates be solved over Church possessions?

Thursday, November 3
“I think that the Georgian and Armenian patriarchates should discuss this issues together and try to get a solution, as this issue is very important, especially for Georgian side, as a lot of our churches are in bad condition in Armenian territory and need to be rehabilitated . As far as I know, the Georgian patriarchate has stated that we are ready for negotiations and some obstacles have been created from the Armenian side.
Tamta, Teacher , 24

I think that both sides should meet and discuss this between the members of the synods. They should find reasons for the problems and how to solve them.”
Nino, Language specialist, 22

“I think that concessions are needed. Neither side wants to concede anything and it creates problems.”
Revaz , Bank Employee, 22

“I am unfortunately not familiar with the issue but I as far as I know Georgian churches are in bad condition in Armenia. So I hope that this issue would be solved not between the patriarchs of the two neighbouring states but the presidents. Churches mean much for Georgians and I wish our Armenian friends would consider our Georgian religious feelings and preserve our heritage.”
Anna, Painter, 37

“This has between a long dispute between the two countries and no steps have yet been taken. So I don’t want to be pessimistic about the issue but I don’t hope for a miracle, I just hope a religious issue won't become a political confrontation.”
Lali, Journalist, 21

“Let them resolve it themselves, so this shouldn't become a politically motivated issue. The patriarchate knows it best so I hope they will do it on their own.”
Koka, Reporter, 31