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Will you take part in the collection of signatures demanding that the Government re-instate Ivanishvili's Georgian citizenship?

Friday, November 4
"If you stop Georgian citizens and ask them the quetion , 70 % will respond positively, they they will sign such documents. There are lots of people opening accounts in Ivanishvili’s Cartu Bank , as a sign of solidarity …”
Guka , Employee of a company , 18

“I will sign such document, I think that the battle should be equal and best will win;that is why I support his participation in the elections.”
Irakli, Journalist , 27

“I will definitely sign it as I appreciate the man very much.”
Ani, Language Specialist, 23

“I have not decided yet;, I am just thinking about the issue .”
Revaz , Bank Employee, 22

“I will definitely sign. I think he must take part in the elections; Georgian people desrved to have a chance to select the best! At the same time , the man has done his best for the state and I believe that he is pulling the country out of the very bad economic, social and political reality, we have to bear currently.”
Tamta, Teacher, 24

“Yes, sure I will and I think everyone around me would join this initiative with pleasure.”
Ana, Interpreter, 22

“Bidzina Ivanishvili is an important figure in Georgian reality so I think he deserves having Georgian citizenship.”
Nino, Bank Accountant, 25