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MFA Monday Briefing

By Ernest Petrosyan
Tuesday, November 8
Deputy Foreign Minister Nino Kalandadze denied reports, saying that Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze is to arrive in Armenia in order to allegedly diffuse tension in Georgian-Armenian relations, due to which, the official visit of Armenian President Serge Sarkisyan was delayed, at the traditional Monday briefing on November 7. According to Kalandadze, Grigol Vashadze launched his working visit to Armenia yesterday. The visit was agreed on and planned in advance, Kalandadze said.

Kalandadze also referred the delay of President Sarkisyan’s visit to Georgia. As Kalandadze said, the sides had not negotiated the date of the visit, and it would be held after the sides define the date.

“We don’t have any information about the fact that the Armenian President might be resented with his Georgian counterpart. On the contrary, they have not only kind neighbor and collegial relations, but also very good personal relations. We are sure the Armenian President will arrive in Georgia,” Kalandadze said.

According to Armenian media Grigol Vashadze is arriving in Armenia allegedly in order to apologize for the statement of President Saakashvili. Earlier, Armenian journalists were saying the Armenian President was resented by the Georgian President’s statements regarding the landslide at the Georgia-Armenian border and the Georgian-Armenian relations. Journalists said it became a motive for the delay of the Armenian President’s visit to Georgia that was scheduled for 1 November.

The second important issue Kalandadze refered is the agreement of Russia’s WTO accession, which will be signed on November 10. Asked about how borders would be named in the document – would it be Georgia-Russia, Russia-Abkhazeti, or Russia-South Ossetia – Nino Kalandadze replied there would not be any such formulation of the border at all. According to her, the text of the agreement has already been fully discussed and it will be signed by the sides in Geneva. Kalandadze also noted that Russian side had satisfied all the conditions set by Georgia during negotiations.

As she emphasized, the main issue was establishment of the trade corridor and monitoring of cargo at the Georgia-Russia borders.

“It is important that the agreement has been achieved and the process is close to its formal end. The main achievement is that the cargo, uncontrolled for years, will now be registered by international monitors,”, Kalandadze said.

According to her, the companies, selected by the Swiss side, will be able to carry our monitoring at the border. In addition, a mechanism will be created for consideration of arguments, which is very important for the Georgian side.

Yet, Kalandadze regarded the NATO-Georgia commission session in Tbilisi “This is already the second session over the past 3 years which is to held in Georgia. “It highlights the importance of Georgia for NATO on the one hand, and reveals the loyal approach of NATO member countries towards their Bucharest decision regarding Georgia’s integration into the alliance.