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How would you estimate National Movement’s chances, if elections are held tomorrow?

Tuesday, November 8
“If elections are held tomorrow and if Ivanishvili or the party formed by him participates in it and opposes the authorities, the ruling party’s chances will be very small. Georgian people are too tired and irritated with the current leadership , we have to bear that awful economic condition in the state and permanent and silly statements as if we are developing , which is lie , PR and nothing more.”
Tamta, Teacher, 24

“If elections are held tomorrow and Ivanishvili will not participate in it, as he has no party currently, the ruling party will win with 100% as they have no opponent in the current opposition. In case , if Ivanishvili also has a party , the National Movement will have to overcome very serious obstacles , may be the ruling party wins in this case or not…”
Revaz, Bank Employee, 22

“Despite much fuss in Georgia’s political life I think that ruling party has serious chance in the elections, because despite many criticisms they do a lot of things for Georgia and our people. People should see what our government did for us and respect them.”
Keti, bank employee, 34

“if the elections are held tomorrow , unfortunately the National Movement will win.”
Tamuna, Language Specialist, 23

“Ivanishvili's political entry has significantly undermined the rating of not only the president, but also entire national movement. Based on social networks, I do think the ruling party would collect not more than 20-30 percent of the votes.”
Guram, engineer, 53

"Only those would vote for Saakashvili who have any kind of benefit from the government. Perhaps, people employed in the governmental sector would vote to Saakashvili's government to maintain their jobs. I think, Saakashvili is about to lose the elections."
Nika, student, 18

“I have no idea what will happen either tomorrow or after a year. However I think Saakashvili has a high rating in Georgia and outside of our country. What I suggest him is to dismiss unpopular figures from his team and replace them with public figures, people will further respect him and he will have more chance to win the elections.”
Nino, accountant, 39

“Well, it is always hard to predict anything in Georgia. From today’s data I think Saakashvili and his team have less chance to win the elections. But if his major opponent Ivanishvili does not present an actual plan and does not introduce his political action plan to the people, Saakashvili will have more chance in this case.”
Nodar, pensioner, 65