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President Saakishvili encourages students to excel.

By Salome Modebadze
Wednesday, November 9
Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili met with 10th form students from four Kakhetian villages on Monday. Improvement of educational levels in Georgia is among the state priorities, thus the President congratulated the most successful pupils of Kvareli, Signagi, Gurjaani and Telavi schools and gave them personal computers. Stressing the necessity for having well-educated generations Saakashvili promised that the government would fully support their success in future.

Sharing his plans for developing Kakheti, Saakashvili announced improvements of logistical, infrastructure and communication conditions in the region. Worrying that geographically Kakheti has been in a blind alley for ages Saakashvili stressed he would promote the region which has “the best people”. “The genetic code of our statehood comes from Kakheti - the homeland of great patriots,” Saakashvili said announcing 2012 as “the year of Kakheti”.

Stressing that “Georgia doesn’t have people to lose” Saakashvili advised the youth to get ready for the challenges they may face in modern times in order to achieve success at their early ages. According to the President there is a real mental and social revolution going on in Georgia. Saakshvili encouraged the students to be very active in cyber space and social media - the main sources for improving the educational background in the 21st century. “We, Georgians are people oriented on results, which are generally preceded by particular processes,” he said explaining the necessity for making draft outlines for their future plans before starting to act.

“Let each of you writes what he/she wants to achieve in life. You are the children of an independent country and have so many opportunities in the future,” the President appealed to the pupils. Promising great support for fulfilling their desires Saakshvili said the state would distribute more computers, teach English language, invite foreign professors, finance their studies abroad as well as find internships for the successful youth out of the country. After realizing what they want in life the President encouraged the pupils to study even harder because people would be appraised in Georgia not according to their origin but their knowledge.

Advising the pupils to get psychologically ready for promotion the President encouraged them to maximally benefit from the available information technologies for achieving success in their career. Welcoming success of young Georgian programmers who work at world famous organizations Saakashvili said it’s high time to improve the failure Georgia faced during hard 1990’s.