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Thursday, November 10
Foreign Ministry condemns meeting between Russia, Abkhazia

The third meeting on delimitation of the so-called borders and definition of naval areas was held between the Russia and the Abkhazia's de facto government in Sokhumi on Tuesday. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia condemned the meeting on delimitation of the so-called borders and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a special statement:

’The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia states that as per international law, negotiations between the occupant country and an occupational regime are illegal, and agreements made by them will have no legal effect. The only party with whom the issue of state border delimitation and demarcation can be discussed is the central government' said the statement. (Interpressnews)

Saakashvili was interviewed by Ukrainian television

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili gave an interview to a popular morning show broadcast on the Ukrainian TV Company 1+1. Speaking in Ukrainian, Georgia's President congratulated the Ukrainian people on the day of Ukrainian Language and Alphabet.

`For many years the Ukrainian language was suppressed, but this language, in which many literary masterpieces were written, has survived and today symbolizes a free people's free soul,` Saakashvili said.

After the President`s congratulations, the anchor of the program read text messages sent by the spectators and focused on one of them, which said that Saakashvili speaks Ukrainian better then Ukrainian politicians. (Rustavi 2)

Czech delegation visits Georgian Control Chamber

The Chamber of Control of Georgia is hosting a delegation of Czech colleagues. During the working visit, the colleagues of both groups summed up the results of a year-long cooperation. The Czechs will share their experience on the management of the public sector and western standards of audits. The chambers of control of Georgia and the Czech Republic have been holding working meetings on human resource management since 2010. Wednesday's meeting aimed at drafting the strategy for human resource management for the Chamber of Control of Georgia. (Rustavi 2)

PM awards a gift from the President to a pupil in Kakheti

A third-year pupil of the Number 3 school of Kvareli, Kakheti Region--Nuki Avazashvili—was awarded an iPad and a birthday cake by Prime Minister Nika Gilauri and the Minister of Education, Dimitri Shashkini on Wednesday. The President met the pupil at the Geocell ultra-modern class in the school the day before, when he opened the new premises, and promised to congratulate her on her birthday. The Prime Minister held a meeting with the pupils and teachers today.

Nika Gilauri introduced the new 10-point plan of the Government to the representatives of the education sector and spoke about the reforms in the school funding strategy, the ongoing reforms in the education sector as well as new plans for the future. (Rustavi 2)

“Samtrest“ to be transformed into the "National Wine Agency"

A legislative bill “On amendments to some legislative acts of Georgia” envisages that "Samtrest" be transformed into the "National Wine Agency". The changes were discussed this week by the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture.

The Agency's main function will be the popularization of Georgian wine internationally, according to the Parliamentary committee's Secretary, Gia Khuroshvili. The Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture recommended the project be discussed in the plenary sitting of Parliament. (Prime-News)