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Do you watch news programs? If yes, what is your opinion of them?

Thursday, November 10
If we speak about Georgian TV news my remark will be to close all of them and stop doing this nonsense.
Zakro, Analyst, 26

I seldom watch news because I work from early morning till late night but I often hear others worrying about the situation in Georgian media nowadays.
Lali, Teacher, 34

I would like to advise our journalists to be more objective and impartial in covering the issues on any topic from the cultural news to deep political polemics.
Salome, Interpreter, 24

I dont watch news programs any more for several reasons: no accordance of priorities ( top news takes 1000th place ) , violation of ethical norms, propaganda in serious doses, brainwashing attempts instead of brief and clear information . I can continue more
Revaz, Bank Employee, 23

I dont watch and I have reasons for this. There is a lot of unprofessional news staff. News is mainly selected to serve the interest of one point of view which irritates me and so on.
Levan, Student, 20

I watch news programs very often and I cant say those programs serve the public interest. They do not deliver right information mainly. There are some exceptions on TV channels, of course.
Nana, Student, 20

Yes of course I watch news programs and I`ll try to explain my possition in few words: I want objective, ethical journalists, who will not promote the ideas of position or opposition of governament. I want to hear truth and not this nonsense.
Ia, Journalist, 28