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Friday, November 11
TV Company Trialeti claims they face anonymous sms threats

Rezonansi writes that the regional TV Company Trialeti has received threats from unknown people via sms notifications to the journalists and company’s officials. The messages state that "if they sell shares of Trialeti and Ivanishvili becomes owner, the company will face serious problems".

Rumor had it that Ivanishvili expressed interest in buying Trialeti TV channel’s shares, but this was strongly rejected by Ivanishvili’s press service. Trialeti management has said they may have to close due to the threats.

“One of the sms messages we received said: 'We have heard that you have negotiations with Bidzina Ivanishvili about buying your TV company’s shares, so that you will be able to broadcast news against the Government' so we are releasing this sms to prevent possible outcomes of such threats,” the TV company said.

“These people are attacking me by sending disguised sms messages on my phone. I have appealed to the police and Prosecutor. Maybe it is nothing serious but still I want to warn everybody. Everything began after Ivanishvili’s press conference. They are threatening me to attack my reputation,” journalist Lado Bichashvili says.

Heavy snow blocks roads in some regions

Heavy snow has caused serious problems to traffic in some regions of the country. Due to bad visibility and frozen roads, vehicles have been restricted in the Kaspi and Gori regions, 24 Hours reports.

The road department reported several car accidents. Traffic is completely blocked on the Gomi-Sachkhere section of the highway. Heavy snows paralyzed the Rikoti Pass too and the Rikoti tunnel has been closed for reconstruction since spring so no detour was possible. The Road Department dispatched special brigades to clear the roads.