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Do you see Georgia’s future in NATO?

Friday, November 11
“Georgia’s integration to NATO has its pros and cons. First of all the state should be strengthened in security direction. We should have strong economy system and democratic institutions should be enforced. If we want to participate to NATO, we should also take our occupied regions into consideration. I don’t want our membership to NATO to be carried out in return of losing Abkhazia and South Ossetia. “
Laso , Credit Officer , 20

“If NATO member states make such a decision , why not , nothing is unachievable.”
Revaz , Bank Employee , 22

“Well, there are some definite demands from any powerful international organizations and if the state is eager to participate in the organization and at the same time it manages to fulfill those demands , of course, it can be the member of that international organization . As for NATO, they have concrete demands and currently we do not fulfill such demands, as we do not have free media and impartial state structures. Our problem is that we do surface thinks and not deep reforms and those organizations know this very well.”
Tamta, Teacher , 24

“Yes I do but not as soon as we want it. We should make some steps towards the democracy like freedom of speech, etc.”
Sophio, Journalist, 24

“I don’t want to be pessimistic about Georgia’s chances for development but I doubt its Euro-Atlantic perspectives are possible. We have so many things to do in order to approach to international standards.”
Nikoloz, Painter, 37