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Saakashvili visits the United Kingdom

Monday, November 14

On November 11 President Saakashvili held a meeting with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – David Cameron-- in London. During the official meeting, Cameron reiterated his support for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia and positively assessed the current Georgian reforms. He congratulated the President on reaching an agreement with Russia on World Trade Organization membership and wished him success.

“Britain and Georgia have a friendly and close relationship...and we also support the integration of your country into NATO. I am impressed by your recent economic and political reforms and the success you have achieved. I am glad that British soldiers fight alongside Georgian soldiers in Afghanistan and would like to note that your soldiers distinguish themselves by their extraordinary bravery,” David Cameron told Saakashvili.

The President of Georgia warmly recalled the support of David Cameron for Georgia during the 2008 war. He discussed the future relationship of the two countries and expressed hope that bilateral cooperation will become even deeper. “First of all, I would like to let you know that you have a special place in the hearts of the Georgian people." Cameron was an opposition leader who had shown amazing leadership qualities, Saakashvili said. "We will never forget the important statement you made during such hard times for Georgia. ... We would like to remind everyone that you did an impressive job, and that it had a huge impact on the people of the world—for this we are grateful to you. I look forward to deepening of our cooperation and future relationship,” noted the President of Georgia during the meeting at Downing Street.

Saakashvili also attended the International Democratic Union Conference where he gave a speech about the common democratic values Georgia and Europe share. He pointed out the reforms being made in Georgia, which are impacting neighboring countries. "Eight years ago, Georgia was still a "failed State", a criminalized and corrupt society, suffocated by authoritarian structures and poverty. Eight years ago, our people took the streets in the name of the very principles that are bringing us together today. They took to the streets and brought a new generation to power, a generation that has turned Georgia into a regional laboratory for reforms,” Saakashvili stated.