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Monday, November 14
Georgian Speaker considers Georgia-Russia WTO agreement significant

The Georgia-Russia WTO agreement achieved through Swiss mediation indirectly confirms that the Kremlin recognizes Georgia`s internationally recognized borders, Chairman of the Georgian Parliament Davit Bakradze told media yesterday.

"Georgia now has the opportunity to control cargo trade through international monitors on the Abkhazia and South Ossetia sectors of the Georgian-Russian border. We've never had this kind of opportunity since the first war in Abkhazia. Furthermore, regardless of the fact that the document is status-neutral, we can say the fact that international monitors are expected to stand on the Abkhazia and South Ossetia sectors of the Georgia-Russia border indirectly confirms that the Russian Federation also recognizes existence of Georgia`s interests and jurisdiction in those areas," he said.
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Russian Patriarch regrets the collapse of the Soviet Union

The Patriarch of Russia, Kirill, stated that the collapse of the Soviet Union was "the collapse of historical Russia" at a meeting of the Trustees and Supervisory Boards of the Public and Church-Research Center "Orthodox Encyclopedia". He said there are many reasons for the disintegration of the USSR and among them was the demise of national identity, national pride, and the perception of history in its entirety.

Kirill also called on the Russian society to care "about the growth of national self-esteem so that never in history would be repeated what happened in the early 1990s." The Patriarch said no reference to mismanagement or wrong ideology should push Russians to destroy the State, because "during the Soviet period people targeted the regime and hit historical Russia."
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Georgian speaker inspects infrastructure projects in the Kakheti Region

The Chairman of Georgia's Parliament, Davit Bakradze, visited the Kakheti Region town of Gurjaani in Eastern Georgia to become acquainted with the ongoing infrastructure projects such as asphalting new roads and water pipeline system reconstruction works in the Kostava and Marjanishvili Streets of Gurjaani.

The speaker also met the local population and discussed their problems. Bakradze talked to the locals about the presidential initiative on state insurance and of increasing the pension package. He visited the regional hospital where construction is slated to finish in February 2012.
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Agrarian Committee discusses legislative changes

The Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture examined draft legislation which will transform the former organization Samtresti to the National Wine Agency. "The organization, whose function is winemaking and wine promotion, shall be more easily recognizable and better-known. The Government proposes that the draft law be considered quickly," said the Parliamentary Secretary of the Government, Gia Khuroshvili.

According to him, one of the most important priorities of the Government is to facilitate relevant agricultural projects, including wine and vineyard promotion. The Committee supported submission of the draft law to the plenary session. They also supported a draft law "On License and Permission Fees”.

Georgia`s Diaspora Minister makes official visit to France

Georgian State Minister for Diaspora Affairs, Papuna Davitaia, is visiting France to encourage the understanding of Georgians abroad. Sunday he attended a dress rehearsal by a Laz folk ensemble, and presented them Georgian national costumes and relevant attributes for the ensemble.

Providing folk ensembles working abroad with needed articles is a part of the memorandum signed between the State Ministry for Diaspora Issues and the Culture and Monument Protection Ministry of Georgia. The 9th International France-Georgia Culture Days are taking place in Leuville Estate on November 12-13. Within these culture days, an exhibition of Georgian costumes is planned.
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District governor arrested for bribery

The Constitutional Security Department of Georgia has arrested the Governor of the Khobi District, Samegrelo Region, on charges of bribery. According to the investigation, Igor Tkebuchava extorted GEL five thousand from an entrepreneur, guaranteeing he would win a tender announced by the municipal government. The former Governor faces up to a nine year sentence.
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