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Which state structure needs urgent reforms and why?

Monday, November 14
“I think that the Ministry of Education needs urgent reforms. Just start with schools,there are nearly 45 children in each class, no learning takes place. As for higher education, the situation is much worse, almost all higher education institutions do not give adequate education.”
Mariam, cashier, 24

“Tbilisi Mayoral. There are several problems; I just touch on new marshutkas. They should hurry with bringing new marshutkas as I am personally in difficulties due to a lack of them.”
Lasha, Computer Programer, 29

“I think that the Ministry of Education needs such reforms, as situation are really bad in the universities and institutes. There is a real muddle.”
Revaz, Bank Employee, 22

“I think all the state structures need systemic changes because they have been built on wrong principles. But most of all it’s the President’s prerogative to show the right direction to the Government.”
Ina, Teacher, 27

“I think the Agricultural sector needs more promotion in order to decrease import of products from foreign countries.”
Shalva, Journalist, 31

“The Ministry of labour, health and social affairs needs great reforms, as health insurance is a huge problem in Georgia. A lot of people around me aren't insured at all. And even those who are face many insurance-related problems.”
Lali, Reporter, 21