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How would you assess Condoleezza Rice's statement that Saakashvili let the Russians provoke him into starting a war ?

Thursday, November 17
“I don’t know what to say as politics is a very strange and obscure field. There are a lot of issues which are revealed later. As for this statement, to my mind there was nothing unusual in this, all I know is that Georgia was provoked and we tried to restore control of our own areas.“
Tamta, Teacher, 24

“I think she is absolutely right when saying Saakashvili is too impulsive as a person. I don't know what Rice meant by letting the Russians provoke him, but Misha could have acted more carefully with that huge and aggressive country.”
Lali. Journalist, 22

“I was absolutely amazed to see Rice’s comments about Saakashvili, because I remember how she used to encourage our current government. We live in a democratic society where people should be free to express their opinions but I think the US official’s “confession” has been the first reflection of America’s position towards Georgia. I mean, the US governance seems to be “voting” for changes in Georgian governance.”
Irakli, Political Analyst, 34

”Maybe this is logical, however this statement is against Georgian interets, it is intersting to think why she has made such a statement.”
Khatuna, Journalist, 26

“Well, I think that the Russians launched the war, this is all I can say regarding the issue.”
Tamar, Language specialist , 23

“It is clear that Georgia was provoked by Russia and started the war, there is nothing unusual in this statement. In that period, meaning the pre-war time, the domestic situation was very hard, people already disliked Saakashvili and he wanted to shift people’s attention to some other thing. In general, during the war, the Georgian people already forgot some kinds of misunderstandings or rivalry and united against the enemy.”
Lasha, Musician, 29