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New Energy Close to Completion of Gas Pipeline

Friday, November 18
Yesterday the First Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Mariam Valishvili and the General Director of Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation Zurab Janjgava visited the ongoing project of the company New Energy, the construction works of the Navtlugi-Saguramo section of the gas pipeline.

The project, which was commissioned in April 2011 and will be completed by the beginning of 2012, represents the final phase of the “Red Bridge-Saguramo” three-year project and envisages the construction of the 20km-50km Navtlugi-Saguramo section of the gas pipeline.

The project is targeted at ensuring gas supply to the areas of western Georgia. After construction of the pipeline the high pressure gas flow will be relocated out of town.

Construction of the gas pipeline is one of the priority directions of the company New Energy. In this field, the company has seven year experience which warrants the high quality of its work performance.

There are 250 persons engaged in the project, among them invited foreign specialists, who are supervising the engineering works.