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Friday, November 18
“I will live until I see you in Georgia’s leading chair”

In his interview to Kvela Siakhle the well known Georgian writer Chabua Amirejibi commented on Ivanishvili and his financial assistance to Georgian artists, writers and scientists and other public figures.

“It is Ivanishvili’s issue to determine who should be financed or not, why should I be ashamed if he gives me financial assistance. I have such a big family who needs to eat at least,” Amirejibi says.

He says that everyone except Saakashvili and his team welcome Ivanishvili’s appearance into politics. The authorities had such a negative reaction towards Ivanishvili as they saw a real threat of losing their wealth.

“Thank you Bidzina, you are the man who has appeared for me and for many others like a sweet dream. I am 90 years old but I will live until I see you in Georgia’s leading chair,” Amirejibi said.

Lasha Tordia met interns and trainees of Parliament

The Chairman of the Committee on Human Rights and Civil Integration, Lasha Tordia spoke about human rights issues at the meeting with interns and trainees of the Parliament, Akhali Taoba reports.

The meeting was held as a dialogue. The interns and the trainees asked questions about the existing problems in the penitentiary system. Lasha Tordia spoke about novelties inculcated into this system.

"Recently we have set up an initial healthcare system, which provides the isolated treatment of diseased prisoners, as a result of which this year we have reduced the number of prisoners with TB”, he stated.

He also noted that the state works on the training of psychologists and social officers. The programs on employment of disabled persons in state structures are being set up as well in Georgia.

The interns and the trainees will pass six months of internship and training in the Parliament of Georgia.