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Do you think the participation of a jury in Georgia’s court processes is a good idea? Will they be able to come to the right verdict?

Friday, November 18
“Well, I think that there was no neccesity for this and to my mind it is an additional expense from the state budget. It would be better to see real court reform with the old system.”
Tamta, Teacher, 24

“I do not like this idea. I think that persons who would have no juridical education might be cheated by experienced lawyers.”
Manana, Journalist, 27

“I can’t say anything currently, it is new in the Georgian system and time will show how it might work. Maybe its influence would be positive. “
Salome, Student , 21

“I think they will. Twelve people together can't make a wrong decision - the principle is two heads are better than one. Besides, this practice has been tested in many other countries and it's proved it works.”
Lali, Reporter, 22

“No, I don’t think that this is good idea. There are so many foolish people in our country, I don`t want 12 of them to judge me. And don`t forget, this is Georgia – no-one is protected from pressure.”
Ia, Writer, 27

“I like such processes in films but it must be a very serious responsibility for an ordinary person to be the jury member and judge another person’s guilt.”
Niko, Basketball Player, 16

“As a student of law I’m very interested in such things and it would be a real honor for me to participate in a jury. I think it’s an example of how ordinary people are becoming engaged in important processes and are able to give their verdict within the rule of law.”
Davit, Student, 20