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Georgian President Hosts New Neighbors

Monday, November 21
The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili hosted his neighbors in his Kvareli country house. Saakashvili celebrated the first “Zavodoba” – the making of the grape vodka chacha - in his new house with guests and sampled the newly-made vodka. The host received a very popular present from his Kvarelian neighbors – a Kakhetian hat. Saakashvili took the guests on a tour of the house and showed them the winepress where he made wine with the Prince of Monaco.

The president bought the ingredients for a Kakhetian “supra” – a Georgian feast - at the Telavi agrarian market where he also chatted with the merchants. The president expressed interest in the harvest of the current year and also spoke with them about future plans of development.

“Very intensive work will begin in Telavi in January. We have to do three times more work here than during the rehabilitation of Signaghi. I looked over the details recently and familiarized myself with all of the places that are going to be completely rehabilitated. When we organize the irrigation and other communication systems as well as rehabilitate the center, more tourists will visit this place, resulting in the increase of local incomes” - noted the president while talking with them.