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Monday, November 21
David Gamkrelidze to Lead New Rights Again

David Gamkrelidze will lead the political party of New Rights again. The chairman of the party and the main committee was elected last week at an assembly of the party, 24 Hours reports.

The main committee was composed of Pikria Chikhradze, Mamuka Lomidze, Manana Nachkebia, and Giorgi Mosidze.

During his speech at the assembly Gamkrelidze promised delegates that in 2012 the party will return to the parliament, and if that doesn't happen, he will resign from his post.

The assembly was dedicated to the 10-year anniversary of the founding of the party.

One of the leaders of the New Rights did not come to the assembly of the party. Saganelidze left the main committee of the political party around a couple of weeks ago. He then stated that he remains within the party because he founded it along with the people who today are his friends.

According to party members they did not know the reasons why Saganelidze did not come to the assembly.

The leader of the party and about 400 delegates attended the assembly.

Studentsí International Day Marked

In relation to Studentsí International Day, the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia met with students and professors of Higher Educational Institutions. During the meeting the Minister talked about innovations taking place in the framework of the educational reform and put emphasis on the planned and implemented projects in the field of higher education, 24 Hours reports.

One of the main priorities of the ministry is to develop Higher Educational Institutions and support students and teachers.

In recent years, particular attention is paid to the compliance of Higher Educational Institutions to European standards, educational quality enhancement, introduction of international standards and modern technologies, establishment of technological parks, introduction of requested professions to the labor market. Awareness of the English language has become mandatory. The teaching of precise and natural science has been enhanced. A Technological University will be opened in Batumi, with main fields of learning to be engineering, informational technologies and agriculture.