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Thursday, November 24
Georgian Dream Event Still Searches for Venue

Presentation of Georgian dream initiated by Bidzina Ivanishvili was to be held on November 25, however their request to use the Sports Hall or Philharmonic Hall has not been satisfied so far, Alia reports.

The lawyer of Ivanishvili, Eka Beselia, comments: “we want the presentation to be held in a building and not in a street, to organize an event where the public movement Georgian Dream will be established officially. In the sports hall 5000 persons can fit and in the philharmonic hall – 2500 persons, so that is why we wanted to rent the sports hall,” Beselia said. According to her despite all the obstacles which the government tries to create against this movement, the Georgian Dream will be founded in near future.

Examinations’ Committee Meeting Held

Preparations for the next cycle of exams have started. Minister Dimitri Shashkini held a working meeting with members of the examinations committee focused on high school exams, unified national examinations and teacher certification exams, 24 Hours reports.

As a rule, the examinations are based on the national curriculum and will encompass material covered by the school program. The tests for teacher certification will be built on the requirements of the teachers' standards. The schools are helping students prepare for the upcoming exams; “Abituri hours” enable the schoolchildren to revise the materials in each exam's subject. Teachers are also being retrained in preparation for the certification process.