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How would you assess the past 8 years in Georgia? What has been done and what do you think should have been done in Georgia since the Rose Revolution?

Thursday, November 24
“Georgia had been standing at the edge of a precipice before 2003 but today it has gone eight steps nearer to that edge under Mikheil Saakashvili’s governance.”
Tornike, Economist, 24

“Nothing can be efficiently done in Georgia without systemic changes – this is the idea on which most Georgian and foreign experts agree. So it would be rude of me to claim the opposite - facade changes aren’t enough for development.”
Eka, Teacher, 37

“The Rose Revolution has been among the most significant dates in modern history of Georgia. Our young government has done a lot of reforms in almost every field which once used to be so corrupt. Eight years is not a long period historically – time will prove the success of their reforms.”
Marina, Historian, 41

"I think that some positives are obvious, Georgian people are no more afraid to go into the street even at night as the police works. Corruption levels have significantly decreased, roads and buildings are being rehabilitated. However, they have done more bad things than good. There are no free courts, only a small part of the people dares to say anything anti- government, as they are afraid they might lose their working place, most Georgians are unemployed and have to live in hard economic conditions. Fees are high and service low and so on. The current authorities did not justify my hopes.”
Tamta, Teacher, 24

“What can I say? Everything has become more expensive and unavailable for Georgians. Tariffs are becoming higher and higher, salaries lower, we have lost our territories and many other negative events.”
Lali, private sector, 27

“The fact that roads are being rehabilitated and some constructing process is ongoing is nothing to be proud of. The most important issue is what has been spoiled. It is known that the unemployment level is extremely high, more than 70% of the people have to live in bad economic conditions. Due to this there is no stable income. There are only some families in the country that have either private or bank loans. There are a lot of socially unprotected people. What do I need 5 star hotels for, if Georgians need bread.?
Nana, Politician, 44