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Do you think children’s rights are protected in Georgia?

Friday, November 25
“Well, I think that they are more protected than not. To tell the truth I am not very much aware of the issue.”
Revaz, Bank Employee, 21

“I think that, in general, there is not a very bad situation in this regard, however I think that still children’s rights are being violated.”
Tekla, Pupil, 16

“It is quite a complicated issue, to my mind when more than half of Georgian families live in hard economic conditions due to incorrect economic and other policies, automatically children’s rights are violated and they are unable to get all the opportunities they need.”
Tamta, Teacher, 24

“At a glance children’s rights are protected in Georgia, however many children are unable to get higher education due to high prices and low income in their families. Of course there are still cases of psychological and physical violence against them, thus, this field still needs much attention.”
Nana, Student , 20

“I think there are lots of children begging in the streets and the number of orphan children has also grown in our county. If we consider the data children’s rights still need to be improved in Georgia.”
Ilia, Sociologist, 31

“Actually there are lots of preconditions for supposing that the situation with children’s rights is normal in Georgia, but as a matter of a fact even newsmen violate the children’s rights by showing their faces and names at orphanages, or streets which is against all international standards. Moreover, family violence between a wife and a husband, or any other family member indirectly reflects on kids and damages his/her psychological state.”
Elene, Psychologist, 48

“I remember how mothers used to leave their newly born children in the streets a few years ago and how they killed their children by beating them to death. I wouldn’t agree that children’s rights are protected in our country, but that’s not a problem for Georgia but for the entire world. There is constant news from various parts of the world about similar cases, so I would only welcome improvements in Georgia concerning children’s rights.”
Natia, Housewife, 27