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Friday, November 25
All great things are done in peace - Ilia II

Peace facilitates the perfection of a person, Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II has said in his sermon at the Trinity Cathedral, Sunday, 24 Hours reports.

‘A person is either moving towards decay or perfection. We should know what are the ways to perfection’, Ilia II said.

According to him, belief, love, tolerance and kindness are necessary conditions for the perfection of a person.

‘One more condition that facilitates perfection is peace. People today lack this property. It is very easy to maintain peace in prosperity, while during ordeals people lose peace and make many mistakes. All great things are done in peace, prayer and very often in solitude’, Ilia II said.

Sakvarelidze evaluates Rose Revolution results

In his interview to Rezonansi political analyst Ramaz Sakvarelidze evaluated the eight years since the Rose Revolution. “If we begin with positive steps taken by the government I will name the facts: increase of money transferred into the state budget than in previous times. Before there was kidnapping, robbery and the criminal situation was at its peak. So the situation has significantly improved during this period. There was also an intensification of work on improving infrastructure in the country,” Sakvarelidze says.

As for mistakes, Sakvarelidze says that the biggest one was the war of 2008. The second mistake is that authorities did many things which created a certain distance between Georgia and the West, the relations have not been damaged, although closer relations have not been established with them in terms of the EU and NATO.

The third problem is that the authorities have accessed Russian business influence in Georgia on a high level. Certainly, there are other countries business presence as well, however the leading position is held by Russia, Sakvarelidze added.