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How often do you read Georgian newspapers?

Monday, November 28
I do not read them at all, in the epoch of computers, newspapers have lost their initial role, in general I get information online, I have not seen any information that I could not read on the internet, so why should I buy a paper?
Lasha, Programmer, 29

I think TV/radio stations have become quite biased in recent times while newspapers try to remain independent. Thats why I prefer reading newspapers rather than listening to the same politically partial figures.
Nodar, Driver, 47

As a newspaper journalist I read at least my articles on the day when they are published but actually it has become quite boring to read the same news 365 days a year.
Lali, Reporter, 22

I must confess that I neither read newspapers nor watch TV programs nowadays. Life has become so fast that I dont intend to spend my precious time on the same nonsense about politics, economic prosperity and successful reforms when I can see streets full of beggars and students who remain uneducated due to lack of financial support from the government.
Marekh, Sociologist, 24

I would say briefly that I have a low opinion of the printed media in Georgia. There is a lack of depth and argumentation in the articles. More private opinions, supposition and less facts. There are no stories about ordinary persons, histories regarding them and so on. Thus, they have serious shortcomings, however, there are differences of course, and there are some good ones, others are worse.
Davit, journalist, 37

Well, I read sometimes, I think that in Tbilisi less people read newspapers, they are more popular in the regions, as Tbilisi does not lack information and the internet is a more convenient way of getting information from various sources. My relatives in the villages, or in provincial towns actively read papers. However, I also know some young people in Tbilisi buying certain newspapers and reading them actively.
Tamta, teacher, 24