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Wednesday, November 30
Gilauri visits Czech Republic

The Georgian Prime Minister Nika Gilauri met his Czech counterpart Petr Necas. According to Gilauri, the Czech Prime Minister stressed at the meeting that the Czech Republic would support Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration at the future NATO summit. "The Czech Republic supports Georgia’s relations with the EU’, said the minister. He also said that the Czech Republic was one of the largest investors in Georgia, 24 Hours reports.

Gilauri also met with the Czech Vice Prime Minister and the Czech Foreign Minister. The meetings focused on relations between Georgia and the Czech Republic, as well as Georgia’s integration with NATO and the EU.

Gilauri also attended an economic forum, in which the 25 largest local companies participated. Energo Pro Company, which has made serious investments in Georgia in recent years, was among the participants too. The company's management announced at the forum that they plan to begin construction of a new hydro electric power station in Georgia in May 2012. Construction and tourist company managers also attended the forum, showing interest in Georgia`s investment environment.

Winner schools have been awarded

The Deputy Minister of Education and Science (MES), Irine Kurdadze granted portable computers to the schools that won in theatrical festivals held in the framework of the “Civic Activity Support Program”. Students, pupils, their parents, gypsies, refugees and repatriated Meskhetians, participated in the event held under auspices of a conference at Ilia State University, 24 Hours reports.

The MES has been successfully implementing the “Civic Activity Support Program” since 2007. The purpose of the program is to facilitate friendship of representatives of different social layers and their involvement in social activities that will be implemented by activation of social circles at public schools (fine needle work, sport, singing, dancing, and so on) and the stimulation of joint activities. The involvement of adults in ethnic activities will promote these in public events.