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How realistic is it to create United Caucasus?

Wednesday, November 30
“It is impossible for several reasons. Firstly, Russian policy, as a united and powerful Caucasus is not in Russian interests, as this will create problems for Russian plans. Secondly, the Caucasus states will be unable to organize such a body, as each state would like to be ahead of the rest. Thirdly, religious views, there are different religious in the region which will create additional problems. Fourthly, the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and between Turkey and Armenia will also create obstacles for the implementation of the idea.
Levan, 40, Analyst

“I cannot predict anything but I think this will be profitable for Caucasus countries as they will have a common market, maybe a common currency and interests as well. The Caucasus is a region full of conflicts and I think such a union will help conflicts to be solved on time and peacefully. Strengthening the Caucasus will bring much good for our people - Caucasians.”
Nika, student, 23

“I find it very unrealistic, however the idea itself does not sounds bad. But the problem is that Caucasus countries will never be in harmony with each other, just to take one example the Karabakh problem between Azerbaijan and Armenia.”
Levan, accountant, 41

“Ah, this is idea is a fix created by our president and that is all. None of the Caucasian countries' leaders have had such a silly idea in their mind.”
Tsira, housewife, 57

“A very good idea, I would say a brilliant one, if it really happens in our region. A strong Caucasus will be the greatest achievement for centuries. As this is really a very hard region and full of conflicts I think unification will bring much benefit to our countries and people.”
Maka, manager, 25

“I find it quite unrealistic because it would be hard to unite various countries. Didn't we have enough with the Soviet Union?”
Lali, Reporter, 22

“It is so strange to hear President Saakashvili talking about a United Caucasus when he discourages the Eurasian Union initiated by Russian authorities. I think in the modern century each nation should live its own life in the political, social and cultural way and avoid artificial unifications.”
Guram, Doctor, 27