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Tourism Plans Hard to be Fulfilled

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, December 1
The Georgian authorities currently are promoting the country’s tourism potential, claiming that more and more tourists are visiting Georgia. According to statistics in 2010 2 mln tourists visited Georgia and for 2011 it is targeted that 3 mln will visit. By 2012 the number should be over 5 mln. Some analysts however think that the methodology of calculating tourists should be perfected as sometimes the official figures look unrealistic. Until recently the Georgian authorities considered any foreigner visiting the country as a tourist, however some of them are business visitors, some in transit to other countries, and some are Georgian immigrants living abroad and coming to see his/her relatives. The analysts as well think that the targeted 3 mln tourists is also unrealistic. The winter season is approaching but there are many doubts that 2011 will hit such a figure.