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Thursday, December 1
Billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili's first live appearance on TV Talk Show

Bidzina Ivanishvili answered different questions to Maesto TV, Tuesday evening. Maestro anchor Eka Beridze asked the businessman different questions concerning the future plans of the Georgian Dream Movement and the prospects of establishing a political party to compete with the ruling United National Movement. Ivanishvili explained some of his plans and expressed his optimism in defeating the ruling party through transparent and fair elections. He realistically described possible developments for when his party comes to power, Ivanishvili also told Beridze about his interest in philosophy, psychoanalysis and related subjects. (The Messenger)

Incident Prevention Group assembles in Gali

The meeting of the Incident Prevention and the Response Mechanism group is underway in the village of Chuburkhinji, Gali district, breakaway Abkhazia. The Georgian delegation is chaired by the head of the MIA Analytical Department Shota Utiashvili. The issues discussed at the last meeting of the group this year are the protection of human rights, specific facts of human rights violation and the travel problems for ethnic Georgians across the conditional border.

`This will be the year`s last meeting and we`ll sum up the past year. We`ll discuss human rights issues, movement problems and the novelties proposed by the puppet regime, which implies opening of new check-points, which has to simplify movement for the residents of Gali,` Utiashvili said. (Rustavi 2)

Kakabadze`s family comments on controversy on Pirosmani`s painting

The controversy around the Niko Pirosmani`s painting The Shepherd continues. The family of the famous painter Davit Kakabdze, who was the last legal owner of the painting, says the painting was given away from their possession legally. Mariam Kakabadze, the grand-daughter of the painter says in the period when their family gave the painting away, the law on selling cultural heritage was not in force.

The painting was sold at London auction a few days ago for GBP 600,000. The prosecutor general`s office of Georgia filed a criminal case on the illegal sell off of the painting. (Rustavi 2)

Abolishment of First Marriage Possible after Second Marriage

Abolishment of the first marriage will be available after the registration of a second marriage.

Amendments in this regard are implemented in the law “On Civil Acts” that has been already initiated in the Georgian parliament. According to the draft, if a person gets married for the second time without abolishing the first marriage with a joint declaration of the couple, the previous marriage is automatically abolished on the day of the registration of the second marriage. (Prime-News)

Man arrested for killing his pregnant wife

Police have arrested a person accused of murdering his pregnant wife. Reportedly, Vardan Vantsyan decided to kill his wife, who was in the fifth month of her pregnancy.

He took a dagger from his house and entered the cattle-shed, where he stabbed Elmira Vantsyan; the police found the body of the dead woman with multiple injuries.

Police found the dagger. The detainee has admitted to the crime. (Rustavi 2)

Postponed Football Matches to be Held on December 14

Postponed matches of the 15th week's fixtures of the National Football Championship will be held on December 14.According to the Football Federation of Georgia, matches planned in 2011 must be held this year. The next week of the National Football Championship is held on December 4 to December 7, the 17th week will be held on December 11 and the 13th week – on December 18. On December 21, the Super Cup will be held.

The five matches of the 15th week of the National Championship would have been held last week, but due to bad weather was postponed. (Prime-News)