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How independent are Georgian media outlets today?

Thursday, December 1
“It depends on the media I would simply say. If the owner of the media outlet is independent he or she may face a lot of danger from government officials, while those companies or print media representatives who obey the rules of the ruling United National Movement (UNM) will hardly be independent, but rich.”
Anna, Teacher, 34

“Georgian media is mainly biased towards political figures either in government or in opposition, so we ordinary citizens lack safe and balanced information nowadays. Media should inform us not teach us what to do – but unfortunately the way of thinking and acting has definitely worsened especially among the younger generations of newsmen.”
Lali, Doctor, 47

“I would say its 50\50 in Georgia. We have somehow independent and very much biased media outlets on television, radio and print media, but that’s probably a legislation problem – no one protects the rights of media thus they feel safe under the umbrella of someone powerful and thus save their skins.”
Lasha, Lawyer, 29

"Maybe the media outlets owners claim that they are independent but I do not think so. In addition TV companies are mostly biased and one can easily understand their politics and interests as soon as they see one of the news programs. As for newspapers they are more or less balanced and unbiased, however they often write in a way that a reader can realise whether this journalist is pro opposition or pro government."
Giga, student, 23

“I don’t think Georgian media is free and impartial”
Maia, Housewife, 37

"The majority of media which is financed and controlled by the government or related to it, is surely partial and totally dependent, there still remain many things to be done to get an independent media."
Zviad, international economic relations, 31

“The majority of media representatives are independent but only on certain issues, they do what the authorities demand, however, on the other hand they get to travel, have a good time and so on.“
Lasha, computer programmer, 29