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Georgia’s Population

By Messenger Staff
Friday, December 2
The state of the world population for 2011 was published. It gives the rating of the countries based on population. First comes China with 1. 37 bln people then India with 1.24 bln, and the USA with 313 mln. Russia comes in ninth place with 142.8 mln. The growth of its population is negative 0.1%. Japan has population of 126 mln. In the South Caucasus the situation is: Azerbaijan is the most populous with 9.3 mln the 89th position in the world rating; Georgia runs 123rd with 4.3 mln and Armenia with 134th with 3.1 mln. The level of growth in Azerbaijan is 1.2%, in Armenia 0.3% whereas in Georgia it is negative 0.6%.

By 2025, India’s population will come up to 1.46 bln and it will be the most populous whereas China will decrease to 1.39 bln people. If the tendency continues then in 2050 China’s population will decrease to 1.3 bln, while India’s population will reach 1.7 bln in 2060 and then start to decrease.