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Friday, December 2
Are the Maestro Events Related to Ivanishvili’s Interview?

Rezonansi has asked some well known public figures about their opinion about what is going at Maestro TV and why it begun so suddenly.

Director Keti Dolidze says that those events are directly connected to Ivanishvili’s visit to the TV station's talk show where people saw a hugely erudite newcomer to Georgian politics. “We saw how he works on himself and what kind of program he has. Who else can speak in that manner, Saakashvili or Tsiklauri? They realised very well who Ivanishvili is in reality. Whatever Kitsmarishvili may say about his version of Maestro’s events, it is absurd. Now they want to make people to go on the streets in order to crack down on them so that afterwards they can say that it was Ivanishvili’s fault, so we should be very careful,” Dolidze says.

Cooperation agreement was signed with Company Phywe

Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Dimitri Shashkini and representative of the Company Phywe, Inge Berger, signed an agreement of cooperation and delivered opening remarks at an international conference, 24 Hours reports.

The memorandum envisages the organization of joint scientific conference and seminars, teacher professional development trainings and other activities.

International conference was chaired by German scholars: Doctors Inge Berger and Ludolf Von Alveslieben and attended by academic staff of leading Georgian and Armenian higher educational institutions.

The conference was organized by the exclusive representatives of the Company Phywe in Georgia “Rezonansi-Sakartvelo” and the National Center for Teacher Professional Development.