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December 1 is World AIDS Day; do you think you have sufficient information on HIV/AIDS?

Friday, December 2
“I don’t have sufficient information about the situation of HIV in the country. I think people suffering from various deseases feel quite lonely in our fussy modern world.”
Anna, PR Technologist, 28

“Actually I know that it is very dangerous and spreads from a partner or blood but I don’t have any information about the people who have HIV. What do they do? Where do they live, how do they feel? It’s a great problem for the country especially as we want to be European member state.”
Niko, Student, 19

"I have no information and to tell the truth I am not interested at all .“
Bachana, agronomist, 22

“I have quite significant information regarding the issue, as I had to preset a lot of seminars and discussions regarding it.”
Ana , Journalist , 35

“I think that I have enough information regarding it. I know that that AIDS does not spread with a kiss or embrace, the main spreaders of the illness are sexual relations, unprotected I mean. It spreads with drug usage with needles. There are threats in dental clinics and some other places where the instrument used on a sick person might be used on you and in case of contact with blood, one can get infected.”
Lasha , Musician, 29

“I have sufficient information how the illness might be spread , I also know that a person with AIDS is not dangerous for society.”
Natia , Language Specialist , 23