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Tuesday, December 6
How will strained situation in Tskhinvali affect Georgian-Ossetian relations?

Rezonansi writes that the situation continues to be strained in Tskhinvali region after the presidential elections where Alla Jioeva won the elections seemingly against the wishes of Russia. After the annulment of these elections by the de facto Supreme Court of South Ossetia, Jioeva’s supporters went out in the streets. How will this strained situation affect Georgian-Ossetian relations? This is the question on everyone's lips and Rezonansi did a survey of public figures in Georgia.

“I am not competent on this issue and I cannot say anything for sure, however both of the candidates are pro Russian and the confrontation is now between two clans, as it seems something is wrong between them. Definitely, I want to change something in relations between South Ossetia and Georgia for the positive however whoever may win those elections, the Georgian authorities have to normalize relations with them,” mathematician Ivane Kiguradze says.

“The processes underway in South Ossetia is pretty much like those events which took place in Abkhazia several years ago when Russia had to recognize the Bagapsh candidacy in the elections. That is why I think Russia will allow Jioeva to win in these elections, if Jioeva continues her activity like she does now. As for changing the opinion of Ossetians towards Georgia it is a big expectation – if Ossetians do not see democratic reforms carried out in Georgia nothing will change between us,” Nukri Kantaria, a Georgian academic says.

Blind and Visually Impaired Children to spend two weeks in London

Seven twelfth graders of the Tbilisi public school for Blind and Visually Impaired Children will spend two weeks in London. The Minister Dimitri Shashkini made this decision while visiting the school on the International Day of People with Disabilities, 24 Hours reports.

As a part of his visit to the school, the minister presented the schoolchildren with sweets and got familiarized with the renovation works of the building. The minister also attended a first graders’ lesson at the school. The lesson was conducted with the use of netbooks with special software programs installed to meet the needs of visually impaired schoolchildren.

Renovation works of the school started in the spring of 2011 and currently the school infrastructure is fully adapted to the special needs of the schoolchildren.

The special school is supplied with modern equipment and technical facilities for the visually impaired children, the schoolchildren study with Braille textbooks, the teachers are also being trained continuously, and the school is involved in different projects funded by the governments of Poland, Norway and Germany.