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Do you think disabled people are integrated into society in Georgia? What should be done for their full integration?

Tuesday, December 6
“I can hardly see any disabled person in streets all around the city. It’s really pity that neither government nor NGOs are trying to protect their rights and ensure their full integration in the society.”
Anna, Journalist, 28

“The first step for integrating disabled people into society would be the implementation of relevant legislation protecting such people’s right. I have watched a lot of programs on how people with disabilities live and even work but still they have their own “shell” where they share their emotions with one another. Sympathy isn’t enough, ordinary people should treat those people as equal citizens, but without a special campaign it can hardly be achieved – we are all so egocentric that each of us only thinks of our own happiness and care less about other’s misery.”
Ilia, Lawyer, 31

“No, they are not at all. I think they are ignored by everyone, by the government. What they can do is, at least, make special ramps at the entrance of public buildings, schools, bridges, and so on.”
Lali, MA Student, 22

"There are a lot of jobs that require the skills which disabled people have. If the state was interested in this issue and some polls held then it would be clear what such people could and could not do and they should be employed based on this. Employment is the first step for their integration into society. There are a lot of some other means, like sporting events, concerts, meetings, and the sharing of experience. However, currently healthy people are not integrated and there are no jobs for them so what can be said about disabled people right now?"
Lasha, Musician, 29

“They are not integrated in society, there are no places for them in public places, even on public transport. Some special factories and working programs should be created for them and at the same time I wish society’s attitude towards this category of people would change."
Anna, Journalist, 35

“This is a general problem for Georgian society - both those with abilities and those who are disabled should all work on themselves to get jobs and integrate, there is no other way.”
Lali, Ecologist, 35

“They are the least integrated of any group I would say. There is no infrastructure developed for them, neither is society ready to accept them. I think society has to develop in this regard."
Nino, Psychologist, 50

“The majority of disabled people spend about 90% of their life at home, either in front of TV or computers. They have a complex about going out because of the social reactions. People should learn to accept them as they are”.
Vato, Lecturer, 38