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Thursday, December 8
How realistic is it to found a new city?

“We have decided to found a new city Lazica between Anaklia and Kulevi,” President Saakashvili stated in Zugdidi a few days ago. According to him the new city will be completed in 10 years and half a million people are expected to settle there. The president also added that after Tbilisi this city will be the second by size and it will become the economic centre of west Georgia.

Rezonansi asked several public figures for their opinion of the foundation of the city and how realistic it is.

“I do not know the project details and it is not easy for me to express my opinion, but I think if a person wants to do something very hard he/she does it. Nobody expected the collapse of Soviet Union 20 years ago but it happened. I would be glad if one more successful city will appear in Georgia,” musician Achiko Guledani says.

“It is too early to speak about Lazica because we do not know the concrete details. I think this wish does not coincide with reality,” director of Literature Museum Lasha Bakradze told the paper.

“The first thing we should know is what functions will this city have in future and why should it be created. I remember several years ago there were ideas on creating some villages but they have not been built until now. It is not simple to build a new settlement,” media analyst Zviad Koridze says.

Principals of Azeri minority schools attend Georgian Language training

The principals of Azeri minority schools are now attending Georgian Language training in the Zhvania School of Public Administration in Kutaisi. The Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Koka Seferteladze, attended one such intensive training course, 24 Hours reports.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia implements different kinds of important projects for the integration of ethnic minorities in Georgian society.

At the Zhvania School of Public Administration courses are in the Georgian language and are regularly taught. Ethnic minorities who are working in the educational sphere attend such courses. At present, seventy-five principals of Azeri schools are attending a six-week course. Similar trainings will be held.

Skills in the state language are of utmost importance. The aim of these projects, implemented by the Ministry, is to strengthen the Georgian language in society.