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Do you trust social surveys conducted in Georgia?

Thursday, December 8
I only trust the Institute of Social Studies and Analysis established in Georgian because I know these people. But I cant say anything about other local or even international ones.
Mari, Journalist, 23

I do not believe them, especially those one carried out by NDI.
Dimitri, Professor, 36

It depends on which organization carries out those polls, I cant believe in them all. There would be some one can trust, unfortunately I cant name concrete organizations.
Revaz , Bank Employee , 21

If the organisers of the survey are international ones I trust them, I cannot say the same in regard to local ones. I always find them biased and not adequate.
Beka, student, 23

It depends on which organizations do it, in general I believe in CRRC and IPM, more or less.
Nana, Language Specialist, 23

I think they try to be as accurate as they can and I think they do their best to be close to the real situation. What I have heard today was several questions and answers to them, I have no doubt that the National Movement is leading nowadays and the acute problem is unemployment and social issues. So more or less I trust the polls.
Marika, teacher, 29

I never pay attention to such polling and I do not see any need to conduct them in Georgia. The reality is obvious and we do not need any survey to reveal what people want and what people need.
Levan, student, 20