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Friday, December 9
Are human rights protected in Georgia?

Rezonansi writes that World Human Rights day will be celebrated on December 10 worldwide and it is interesting what Georgians think about the human rights situation in their country.

Musician and singer Giorgi Ushikishvili says that human rights are protected in Georgia, however he is not very well aware in this regard, he says that if the situation is compared with the situation even 10 years ago then progress is clear.

“Human rights in Georgia are not protected 100%, even if we take into account the situation in the court system I have many complaints about it. A lot of rights are being limited in Georgia,” theatre art director Avto Varsimashvili thinks.

“Nobody’s rights are defended in Georgia, neither personal nor collective. Mostly, I am worried about the election environment in the country, we cannot defend our votes,” artist Givi Berikashvili says.

Political terror in Chorvila

Rezonansi writes that political terror against Bidzina Ivanishvili’s relatives and supporters continue in Chorvila, the native village of the billionaire who has entered politics.

School director of Chorvila Nukri Gogatishvili has been dismissed from his post recently as he drunk a toast for Ivanishvili.

Member of Sachkhere Municipality, republican Inga Zambakhidze says that such facts often take place in their district since Ivanishvili’s came into politics.