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Are human rights protected in Georgia?

Friday, December 9
“I say no, moreover, even rights of those who should defend our rights is not protected”
Aluda, unemployed, 38

“Human rights are not protected in Georgia, all the phones are listened to and people think if they say something against someone, what they really think, they will be punished for this.”
Nino, Language specialist, 24

“My rights are protected and I have never faced any challenges or problem over it. I wish everyone to be safe and protected in all aspects.”
Nino, teacher, 41

“Maybe 20% of Georgian citizens are protected, as for the rest, who thinks about them? we are remembered just before the elections. There are big states in the world, where human rights are not protected, however there are also those ones where humans and even animals rights are perfectly defended.”
Lasha , Musician , 29

“Well, I think that human rights are not protected as they should be, as such main spheres as court freedom, media freedom and so on are nor ensured.”
Anna, Journalist , 35

“It is very difficult to say. Generally I think our rights are protected but it depends what rights we are talking about. When I am not robbed and I can walk in the street freely and if my home is robbed I can call the police and they will find out who robbed it and this is good, however there are some essential ones which are not protected, for example elections. My vote is not protected and I am very sorry about that.”
Natia, housewife, 37

“Mostly I think they are protected, but I cannot say this as regards children. Children have a right to get a good education, to have food and a place of living. Very often we see them in the streets how they beg us to give some money. It is a very astonishing fact. The government should be responsible for taking care of those children, their rights are not protected, definitely.”
Tatia, student, 20

“Human rights are partially protected in Georgia. But if human rights come into conflict with political interests, they are always violated”.
Tengo, Designer, 30