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Wednesday, December 14
Meat price in Yerevan and Moscow cheaper than in Tbilisi

writes that 1 kg of beaf costs GEL 13-14 in Tbilisi markets; goat meat – GEL 11-12 and pork costs GEL 12-13. In Moscow meat costs GEL 8-13; in Baku meat price is 12-17GEL and in Yerevan its price is about 10 GEL, as for Kiev the maximum price on meat is GEL 15.

Moscow, one of the most expensive cities in the world, is cheaper than Tbilisi for meat according to these data.

As for prices on all kinds of meat in Tbilisi it decreased slightly on the price about 2 months ago which was GEL 2-3 higher than now. According to traders, demand for meat is not high in Tbilisi but if its price decreases it may become more demanded, Rezonansi reports.

Footballer Kakhi Kaladze again talks about motives for decision

Footballer Kakhi Kaladze has once again talked about the motives for his decision to leave the national team. He called the Football Federation’s statement ‘shameful’. He said ‘some say I announced my decision from a political tribune. It is not right. I made this announcement at the presentation of a public movement. Public activists were listening to me. I have worked for them all my life’.

Kaladze called on representatives of the Football Federation not to worry about his relationship with Temur Ketsbaia, as they ‘are good friends’.

As for the motives for his decision, Kakhi Kaladze said he could not play in the national team since his friend Giorgi Demetradze had been illegally imprisoned two years ago.

Kaladze also mentioned pressure from journalists, who had been focusing on his age.