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How often do you spend your holidays in hotels?

Wednesday, December 14
“Unfortunately I don’t spend my holidays in hotels because of their high price. Any time I plan spending vacations outside Tbilisi I choose modest accommodation with elementary living conditions.”
Nino, Manager, 27

“If I go abroad I contact special tour operators who plan my vacations from the hotel to any guided tour but I have never spent holidays in hotels in Georgia – I usually stay with my friends.”
Elene, Writer, 31

“To tell the truth I do not spend my holidays in hotels, the reason is that as if I have no means for this, and I don’t like hotels.”
Revaz, Bank Employee, 21

“Very rarely, generally I go to my relatives and most of the time I stay at their home, just a very Georgian situation.”
Levan , Student , 20

“I never spend my holidays in hotels. I do not have to use this service. Either I go as a guest, or I have my own accommodation.”
Ninuki, Student, 20

"There are extremely high prices, that is why I never spend my holidays there.”
Irakli, Journalist, 27

“Georgian hotels are too expensive for the country’s economic state that’s why I dislike the number of hotels in our country.”
Giorgi, unemployed, 23