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Thursday, December 15
Some IDPs return to capital from Tsalenjikha

A new settlement was built some time ago for IDPs in Potskhoetseri village of Tsalenjikha region. Rezonansi reports that most of the IDPs have left their settlement and moved to the capital Tbilisi as they say there is no chance of living in normal conditions there with no income.

Some families preferred to have rooms for rent in Tbilisi rather than live in the designated region. The head of the civil movement for IDPs Manuchar Sigua says that the situation is very uncomfortable. “In regions where they [IDPs] have been settled there are no jobs. The settlement is far away from school, and medical facilities. To reach the necessary destinations they need transport and payment for transport is another problem for them. They have no other way to get income for their families except financial aid from the state which is very low. That is why they left those places and moved to the capital to get some income,” Sigua said.

Christian Democrats call for greater development of agriculture sector

The Christian-Democrats are calling on the government to elaborate a strategy on the development of agriculture. As chairman of the faction Giorgi Akhvlediani stated, 30 GEL voucher, which the government plans to distribute, will clearly be of financial assistance to rural population but this cannot solve the problems of agriculture, Akhali Taoba reports.

In his words, the government spent almost GEL 100 million during recent years on agriculture but as there is no strategy on the development of agriculture, the problems remain the same. According to him, it is still not clear what will happen to the 20,000 farmers who received financial damages due to the hybrid corn program. It is not known whether the government is going to realize the president’s promise – to release those farmers from the fee on corn seeds.