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What is your opinion on the Ivanishvili-Alasania-Usupashvili’s new political coalition?

Thursday, December 15
“If it weren't for Ivanishvili I would never welcome those two guys into politics. I just do not like them and do not trust them, I find them very weak persons for policy. I even do not know why Ivanishvili wants them but I trust him and I am sure they will gather a serious number of votes in the elections.”
Nana, dentist, 41

“I think this is a serious challenge for the authorities to oppose this coalition and defeat them in the elections. Alasania and Usupashvili are modest politicians and very educated ones. They have good contacts abroad. As for Ivanishvili, he is a financial source – the person who has more money is always the winner, especially in politics. So, I will wait for their political plan and then make a judgment.”
Giga, economist, 28

“Have they already united? I’m not surprised. As for my opinion I really do not care what they are doing and will do in future. I do not find them serious politicians and moreover future government officials of Georgia. Republicans have just a 1% rating among the Georgian population, so has Alasania, that is why I am not sure that Ivanishvili will influence society and they will win in elections.”
Tika, student, 22

“I have a very positive view on Bidzina Ivanishvili and I fully welcome his steps forward to uniting the healthy political figures around his Georgian Dream. Alasania and Usupashvili have proved that they are not among those oppositionists who are ready to make any deal with the government in return for financial support.”
Elene, Writer, 36

“The Georgian Dream has given the citizens a new hope of overcoming the authoritarian regime which has become so apparent after the Rose Revolution. Bidzina Ivanishvili’s entrance to the political arena has brought many questions and controversies but at the presentation of his public movement we could all see the respectful faces around him. I think Ivanishvili-Alasania-Usupashvili’s political coalition will introduce a relevant action plan for following our dreams.”
Merab, Engineer, 47