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US financing civil society development in the former Soviet Union countries

By Messenger Staff
Friday, December 16
The US supports different countries with various programmes. In 2010, this support reached an overall USD 39.4 bln. The main amount traditionally goes to security, healthcare and economic segments. Much attention is paid to the maintenance of just and democratic governance around the world. To this end many funds are allotted for financing different programmes in rule of law, human rights, state governance, the increase of political competition, and the development of civil society. Currently, the biggest recipients in this are Afghansitan, Iraq, Mexico, Pakistan and Haiti. Much aid was received by Russia in the 1980s. Generally a big amount of money and support are targeted at the former Soviet countries to promote democracy there. In 2011, the Russian Federation received more than USD 37 mln, Ukraine 28 mln, Georgia 24 mln.