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What should be a top priority of the Georgian government while working on the state budget?

Friday, December 16
“The main priority for the government should be to create as many jobs as possible.”
Salome, Reporter, 21

“Education is what should be the top priority for our government.”
Zakaria, Lawyer, 24

“A special fund should be created for stimulating agricultural development in Georgia. Our government has to do everything for decreasing import and increasing export to foreign countries.”
Tornike, Economist, 22

“I think that the priority while working on the state budget should be the public view and their attitudes.”
Irakli, Journalist , 27

“I think that healthcare and education should be the top issue of the state budget .”
Revaz, Bank Employee, 21

“Well, I think that the priority should be the development and assistance of small business.”
Laso, Credit Officer, 21

“I think the state should think about how to share state money better.”
Mariam , private sector employee, 25

“First of all each government should consider people’s interests thus socially protect the citizens against poverty, illness or unemployment. But as a matter of a fact neither the healthcare system nor basic products are available for ordinary people nowadays. Normal pensions, availability of medicines and jobs – that’s what our government should focus on.”
Nikoloz, Architect, 24

“The state budget should be focused on improving the education sector because schools and universities need great attention because the high cost of particular schools and universities hinders students from getting relevant knowledge.”
Inga, Pediatrician, 29